I'm really feeling it!

It's the season finale of "First Play"! We had a lot of fun these past seven months and 12 episodes, didn't we?


I picked this game up on Steve's recommendation. I have no clue about anything One Piece. Never read the manga , never watched the anime. You see, at one point in my life I had to choose one hundreds episodes fighting anime to watch and follow and Naruto won that choice. So this is not only the very first time I am playing this game, it's my very time in contact with anything One Piece. Let's hit that play button!

That was a lot of fun! And what an amusingly weird bunch of folks. It's probably even funnier with a friend to play along, I need to try that out on the future. So the judge says...

... if a guy like me who never knew a single thing about One Piece can enjoy this game, maybe there are more folks out there who are passing this on because of not being fans of the manga / anime and that might be a mistake. It's a huge single player experience with a fantastic character roster to unlock and battle in the Colosseum and even better to play along with a friend. Ongoing DLC and the zany humour should keep players entertained for quite a while. So this gets nothing but love from me!


All right, my time is almost up, ill be around one more week and after that it's offline mode. First Play will return mid September with the almighty "Hyrule Warriors".

Until that time comes: Play Loud, Play HARD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

*OMAKE* What's that!? You want DVD extras to go along the season finale? Well you got them! Two Wii U launch title games that are surprisingly great value for money now that they are super cheap!


First Play Omake Episode 1: Transformers Prime

First Play Omake Episode 2: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper

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