I'm really feeling it!

Waka Waka once more?

Namco surprised me earlier this year with the first outing of this game based on a TV show I never even watched. It was a great surprise to have 3D platforming adventure worth playing considering it was release on a home console that has Super Mario 3D World. Gutsy move...


So why fix if it ain't broke, right? That seems to be the focus for this second game in the series, wonder if we are also getting a third one in the next six months... onward to half an hour of ingame footage!

The fun it's still here! Some new powers,some 2.5D gameplay segments... ok Namco, you did good here. But is it worthy of your hard earned cash?

Is too much of the same a bad thing? That is up to you to decide. If you like what you saw but didn't have the first game, get that one. It's bound to be cheaper than this is. If you got young children running round the house, they will probably get the biggest kick out of this, even more so if they are fans of the TV series. As for me, well, I love Pac-Man and as such try to have as many of his outing as possible. Especially when it's a solid, fun game like this one.


Ok Namco, I am supporting your Wii U game offerings. Now that you're done with Smash Bros, how about you get some Ridge Racer, Soulcalibur and dare I even dream Ace Combat on the system? I would buy them and I think I am not alone...

Until next time: Play Loud, Play HARD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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