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First Play: Skylanders: Trap Team

Fourth time lucky?

I have been a huge fan of the Skylanders franchise from day one (have you read any of my Skylanders Watch series?) but when there is so much plastic involved I always dread "The Guitar Hero Effect" as in a series over-welcoming it's stay and flooding the market with unsellable plastic accessories.


That said I am currently upset with Activision for not bringing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare to Nintendo's Wii U. As a form of very silly protest, this year I will not be collecting the entire set, just the bare minimum so I can complete the game (besides, I don't want to harm Toys for Bob or Beenox for their work on this game). So, it your money worthy to invest for the fourth time? Let's find out.

Well, they done it. It's the same charming game with the same mechanics, lovely voice acting and terrific music. Skylands remains is still a neat place to visit and mess around especially with friends or your children. The new "gotta catch them all" trap mechanics is fun and an interesting way to expand the playable roster without spending money on new figurines but wasn't that the fun bit in the first place? Hmm... verdict this year is:

The game has changed. Skylands is not only threatened this year by Dinsey Infinty 2.0 and it's superior Marvel (and eventually Star Wars) offering but Nintendo's very own Amiibos are ready to take a slice of the figurine collectible game pie. As such and despite this being a good, proven title the simple fact is unless you're fortunate to have tons of disposable income, it's impossible to "catch them all" this year so you will have to pick your battles well, as in, where to invest you money. Since I already own a very respectable Skylander's collection, I will be able to enjoy this game even without buying many new figurines so I think I will be OK.

Hope this text and video help you settle your choice. Until next time: Play Loud, Play HARD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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