I love Transformers! I guess it's something every kid from my generation came into contact one way or another. After the successful resurrection of the franchise via Michael Bay movies, there would of course be all new video games on current consoles. It's been ups and downs for Activision on that department, so I was eagerly awaiting this new entry in the series. My first HD Transformers games! What could possibly go wrong?

Let's find out, shall we:

I admit to having messed up a few times up there, I kept confusing the controls. I assure my continued play of the title has resulted in more solid tactics and combat. But is this game worthy of your Energon cubes?


Don't mistake me, "Rise of the Dark Spark" is not by any means a bad game. It just suffers the same way "Arkham Origins" is not better then "Arkham City". The previously released "War on Cybertron" and "Fall of Cybertron" just set the bar so high that we can but feel a bit of deja vu while playing this new game. But what I simply cannot forgive is the Wii U's really rushed conversion, with annoying frame rate issues and the biggest capital sin of them all: the complete absence of all online play modes. Hey, I live in the real world, I know the score, but at least "Arkham Origins" gave us Wii U owners a 10 $/€ discount for the absent content. So shame on you Activision for releasing such a rushed entry for us Wii U owners. We deserve better, a lot better. Please note my finger is also pointing at Nintendo for allowing third party relations having got so far down south.

I am however not ashamed to admit I'm actually having fun with the game. It's a mindless 3rd person, giant transforming robot shooter with lots if somehow repetitive to do in single player. So in case you look at the video and thing "Hmm, I think I could enjoy this!", fear not. Judging by the global reception of the game across all formats, you will see this heavily discounted in the near future.


More than meets my wallet. Autobots! Transform and roll out... but slowly and in great shame.