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First Play: WATCH_DOGS

...but one year later, who watches the WATCH_DOGS?


Welcome to a First Play edition of what might very well be the last Ubisoft game ever to be released on Wii U. SIT DOWN BACK THERE! Yeah, you, the funny people who just said "Don't worry, they will keep releasing Just Dance!". You know exactly what kind of games I am talking about, the games mister Yves Guillemot stated Wii U owners simply don't buy.

Well say hello to the anomaly, the minority,the glitch in the system, the itch you just can't scratch, ME! I'm a Wii U owner who buys third party core titles, in fact bought every Ubisoft game ever released on the system except Raving Rabbids (ill buy it eventually) and Just Dance. Can you hear me, Ubisoft? WB Games? Activision? Konami? Square-Enix? EA? Rockstar? Money! Free money for you that is currently resting in my pocket. But let's not play the blame game today (and trust me, it's an incredibly complex one with blame to share between said third parties, Nintendo, retailers and even us, the consumers) and lets "let the dogs out".

I purposely left all loading and installation times intact in the video, I want everyone to know exactly what to expect from them when they buy this version. After the terrible frustration of yesterdays First Play episode, I am glad to say that WATCH_DOGS even one year later is a solid entry in the Wii U library. JUDGEMENT!

Over-hyped, over-delayed and I have yet to discover a logical reason for such, WATCH_DOGS is the closest thing I will probably ever play on Wii U that resembles G.T.A. (hey Rockstar! Prove me wrong, eh? Moneys for you! I haves it!). I somehow managed to stay away from the game this whole twelve months, so I am actually seeing it, playing it for the first time on that video. And I like it! It's fresh, it's different from the norm. Hacking is a fun gameplay gimmick, driving is not as smooth as it should be but it works. Besides, if this is indeed the very last Ubisoft game I will buy on Wii U, it's a piece of history! It was worth the 70 €uros I had to pay up today for that alone, right? Right? Guys? Girls!? 70 €uros is good value for money for a one year old game, right? It's the same price as the "new" GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One. Let me sink that in for a moment... ah bliss, I am an idiot.


But an happy idiot none the less. I hunger for third party core titles and WATCH_DOGS arrived just in the right time to prevent me from buying a PS4 + GTA V combo pack today. I think I will be all right, with Smah Bros for Wii U just around the corner. After that it's the long wait until 2015, because there will be nothing more to buy until the new year brings Captain Toad to Europe. I know many of you will not buy this game because you probably already own it in one platform or another. Ubisoft will have terrible sales at its current price and say that there are no core public on the Wii U, the circle repeats and I will never have Assassin's Creed Rogue on my home system of choice. Merry Xmas to me, I guess...


Hope that helps you decide on this one. Play Loud, Play HARD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

PS: I have yet to find a single dog in this game. Very misleading title.

PPS: DLC is available to buy from day one.

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