I'm really feeling it!

Five more minutes? Nope, its Monday, so get your silly arses out of bed. This is the Community Calendar Blip Monday Super Early Action Report Update Edition (But Not Really) Regular TAY-Blip.

Well good morning, and welcome back! Well lets see...WOW August is on its last week, and then we say hello to September. Time sure flew by....But anyway, both Expo Canada, and GamesCon are set and done. But do not worry!


Our very own Azureguy shares his experience at GamesCon with TAY! So check that out for a morning read.

We have a major event stating on Friday the 30th, the 27th DRAGONCON! Other than that, TuT took the 27th for some reason.

So without further delay here is the TAYlendar! So feel free to add any event be local or state side. Remember the calendar is like a living, breading, and bleeding organism that must be feed events to survive.


Edit: Kinja hip ups....

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