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Flashback Friday Fun Times: Getting Laughed at by Shigeru Miyamoto

If you met Shigeru Miyamoto, what would you have him sign? A Mario hat? Your arm? Maybe a Donkey Kong Game and Watch handheld? Or something infinitely cooler than anything I've listed? I had the opportunity to meet the man in 2005. And I'm not so cool...I might have even wasted my chance now that I think about it. Or maybe not! I'm quite pleased with what I had him sign. What was it? Well, first a story because it was not so much what he signed but the misadventures I had before hand and the awkwardness of the meeting...Welcome to Flashback Friday Fun Times!

Ah yeah, September 24th. It was a Saturday and a day filled with banter and adventuring with my friend. We did our usual stomping around in St. Marks that involved a trip to our favourite Japanese restaurant and grocery. After sampling peculiar drinks and food, we made our way to Toy Tokyo. It was here my friend hoped to find something Luigi related to have Miyamoto sign (Luigi's the better brother after all, right? Year of Luigi - woo!). What we were met with however, was a fan who informed us that the line was already forming for the Sunday signing and that we should head over there since the first 200 fans were going to be allowed to attend the event.


It was after 6 p.m. at that point. We were starting to get worried.

We got to Nintendo World a little after 7 p.m. and sure enough, there was a line. What the heck were we thinking anyway? Of course there was going to be a freaking line!!!

Securing spots 46 and 47, we decided our only course of action to get this done was to sleep on the street. Luckily, it was not that cold. We also had a few friends come by to check up on us and one brought us a blanket she never wanted returned (well she did but if she did not burn it afterwards, then she is a braver soul than I).

Camping out in a line over night in Midtown Manhattan is just like being a jellyfish in a tank. You might wander over to strangers, you might want to stay away from the really dark places, and you might want to try to cluster to the front/top of the tank. Well, maybe not the last bit since it is a line and people at the head might kill you for trying to cut.


During those sleepless hours (for me) overnight, Nintendo World employees fed us horrid pizza (but hey, they did not have to and I appreciated it), Nintendo fans traded stories on their favourite moments of their favourite franchises, and some dude named Isaiah started preaching about The Legend of Zelda likening the series to the Bible.

The next morning, things got moving pretty quickly. The first 10 people in line (the lucky bastards) got to play Nintendogs with Miyamoto as the promotion of the game was a part of the reason for his visit.


I don't remember much of what people had Miyamoto sign. Some had copies of games, and my friend never found her Luigi item to have signed and instead ended up getting a 1UP-shirt. The one person I remember was the dude who had the faceplate off his Donkey Kong Arcade machine.

It was not our finest moment, trying to handle cameras and gathering our blankets as we approached Miyamoto. I had a bag on my wrist and my hands in my pocket when I got up to him. It seemed pretty shady on my part and honest truth, security was about to jump me because everyone seemed extremely nervous by the prospect that this crazy girl probably had a knife in her pocket.


There was no knife but I instead produced a tiny figure of Link (brought to me by my awesome sister not long before the signing).


Probably due to the relief of not being stabbed, Miyamoto laughed at me. He laughed at the cuteness of Link standing before him. His translators laughed right along.

Link fell over.

I helped Miyamoto stand him up and I recalled that this seemed like an awfully awkward fumbled familiar situation I had had at Otakon in 2001 when I went to a signing by Cowboy Bebop character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto.


Miyamoto looked slightly pensive as to how to best handle such a tiny thing for a signature.

I offered my back up item: a copy of Wind Waker I bought from Nintendo World the night before.


But he was already intent on putting ink to Link's head.

When he was done, I looked down in a confused silence. "What the heck is that?" I thought. I guess my thought was loud enough as betrayed by my facial expression - enough to warrant a reaction.


"Is that okay?"

I looked up and I smiled.

"It's perfect!" I responded.

A nod and a smile later I was on my way, and Miyamoto was on to his next fan.

My friend and I stumbled out into the sunshine: happy, hungry and really tired. The line snaked all around the building and down the block and there were hundreds of people waiting. I think he saw more than the 200 from what I heard a few days later but I'm really glad we camped out overnight securing our chance.


I'm not so glad I got deathly ill a few days later from sleeping on the street, thanks to hanging around diseased people with the flu. And waving to the rats that were playing in the street during the night was kinda gross in hindsight, maybe.

But...I have absolutely no regrets either.

This is looking rather dicey.

Hey TAY! Maybe you met Miyamoto already! Maybe you don't care at all to meet him! Have you met anyone you cared about? Got any signed swag stories to share? Pictures and stories are all welcome in the comments. Talk to me!


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