It has been almost a week since UI 2.0 and I attended the launch event for Animal Crossing: New Leaf at Nintendo World in NYC. Having now spent a week with the game on and off, I'd like to give my impressions of it, if I may. It's here you may expect to read lengthy stories about pitfalls, shady dock dealings, Hide and Go Seek, shark fishing jealousy, the music and my dwindling fear of Mutliplayer. Consider yourself warned and turn back now while you still can. Otherwise, Welcome to Flashback Friday Fun Times!

The truth of it all is that I have not been logging as much time into New Leaf as many of my fellow TAY'ers. I am amazed when I may wander into the occasional town and find that hundreds of flowers are in bloom and Public Works Projects for a second and third bridge have been initiated as with ToxicBunnies' town.

There have been tales of endless Shark Fishing at night and stories of bell bank accounts so large that it has been nothing short of staggering to me.

My Gameplay


I've been slowly fulfilling my duties as the Mayor of Tennant. I've actually been handling my game play as I would for a previous installment in the series, and by that I mean I have just been strolling around being a gopher for the animals, catching a bug that flies by, cursing at the catch of yet another sea bass and digging up fossils every morning while looking for that money rock (are there no more shining spots on the ground?).

Living this easy going life style while subsequently trying to keep up with everyone else's stories has made me realize that I really have not been focusing on what this game really has to offer.

On the surface, this is your typical Animal Crossing game. Yes, all the aforementioned duties are there and act as the core game play that is vital to your survival in the town. However, being Mayor offers the prospect of something even more grand - the promise of a town that has endless possibilities for expansion and grandeur. I have just scratched that surface. The way down into the heart of all that can be attained looks awfully deep, and I cannot even begin to fathom the extent of it all. ToxicBunnies made a great post about this, which you can find here.


On Music


One of the most important aspects of any game for me is its soundtrack. I mentioned before that my favourite rainy day tune is none other than the Game Cube's version of the song played on Rainy Days in AC. I've not yet had the opportunity to experience a rainy day in New Leaf personally. However, I did hear a bit of it yesterday when H1 was playing. It's not nearly as charming and hum worthy as its predecessor's.

In fact, I am finding that I am not really enjoying the hourly music that plays for New Leaf. I'm not connecting and I've yet to find that one piece that really grabs me. Though, I believe the 1 a.m. song is probably the best I've had the pleasure of listening to thus far.

Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed by the 1 p.m. song. I'm used to hearing a lot of cats mewing at 1 p.m. as per my memories from the GC version. That soundtrack was daring, whimsical, and fitting.

For now, my thoughts on New Leaf's soundtrack is that it's somewhat on the dull side and perhaps even forgettable during certain hours. For a game that's mostly about walking around all day, I do not want to spend an entire hour listening to background noise. I need my music to be front and center, I need it to be engaging while invoking a sense of adventure, or appropriately calming when need be because strolling demands that I have incredible music keeping me company.


I'm hoping my views change as I spend more time in town. Also note that I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting K.K. Slider but the two pieces I've heard from visiting my Animal Neighbours made me very excited.

Kapp'n, though? His songs and quips manage to entertain every single time.

My Animal Neighbros


As luck would have it, of which I have none, I've been stuck with animals I don't give a hoot about (not you, Blathers. I still love you).

My favourite animal thus far is a leopard that goes by the name, Leonardo. He's the muscle head type - my favourite in any installment - so I am thankful that he's there. When he hit me with his signature phrase, I was in hysterics.


I cannot say anything negative about the designs of some of these animals though after visiting UI's town two nights ago. He insisted I come visiting if just to meet his new neighbour.

Do you SEE how scarily, fantastic that animal is? Look at the colours! The clown face!


UI is less than thrilled.

On Multiplayer


I mentioned a couple of days ago that I have a fear of Multiplayer games. Not being a competitive person, and not being generally interested in genres that require multiplayer activity, I've largely stayed away from that setting.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf's multiplayer features have changed my mind. Of course, I still won't venture into a fire fight in a shooter game but dipping my toes into the zaniness of visiting others' towns has been nothing but a barrel of fun, laughs and adventure.


It's the mischievous nights spent with fellow TAY'ers that have had me giddy with anticipation to see what we can do next.

The in-game messaging system made for an amazing game of Hide and Go Seek (as thought up by TheUnfathomableTruth) and Marco Polo (a game played with Dyram). When you get to someone's town, you can message them in town and your little text messages show just how near or far you are from someone's location. For Hide and Go Seek, the Best Friends Messaging system allows you to message any of your friends playing online. It's a good way to see where everyone is by sending a text and works wonders for Hide and Go Seek as it does not give away your location.


That night, Sylverfyst, UI, TUT and I were playing Hide and Go Seek. Apparently Tennant is a good place for hiding (I think that means my trees are out of control and I need to do some serious maintenance). Unfortunately, Fyst was the first to go. I was told later on that it was not pretty and that it was actually the Ghost of Fyst that spoke to me the day after.

It was late and TUT came out of no where after we called it quits for the night. Yes, TUT, you won.

It's Duck Season, and I say "Fire!"

The next night, Dyram and Kat visited. H1 the Swan was in my town as well and what happened next was complete insanity. Dyram decided to build a fortress on the beach by digging up holes around him. His plan failed as I quickly covered up the holes as fast as he dug them. At one point, I Bugs Bunnied him i.e. I dug a hole and he was so confused that he covered it back up.


Dance Parties with H1 and Dyram were in full swing at the Train Station, and Kat and H1 both fell into pitfall traps that were cleverly laid out by myself and Dyram respectively and meant for each other. Apologies to H1 and Kat for getting caught up in the crossfire...

After Dyram and Kat bid us farewell, UI and TUT headed back into my town.

There were shady dock dealings. UI was standing next to me on the dock asking if I had the merch.


Just as we were about to make the exchange, The Chief showed up. UI ran leaving me bewildered and alone and shouted from a safe distance that the cops couldn't prove jack.

Look at me, I'm still in shock even after The Heat was gone. I think I netted myself an extra 25 years of community service in the Dungeon for the crack down.


Those are just some of the stories that I wanted to share that happened in the short time I've spent with the game. I'm sure those of us who have been playing have many more fun nights to talk about and I'd be happy to hear them!

In the meanwhile, I've been enjoying my foray into the late night banter and adventuring with you lot, so thank you for that. You could say I'm turning over a new leaf on my Multiplayer thoughts (no? Too lame? Okay). Though, I may be blaming you for Tennant's progress being slow to take off. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I cannot wait for our U.K. and European friends to join into the fray, and those U.S. based friends to get their copies as well.


I'm looking forward to continued nights and days of Animal Crossing fun. We'll see you soon!

Don't forget though, the natural TAY greeting as noted by GBD, is to get out your bug catching net and slap your fellow TAY'er on the head. Though, if you're anything like UI, the shovel is the way to go. It's both hilarious and terrifying.


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