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The Internet seems a sadder place since 2010. That was the last time I saw certain fools...and since then I’ve been trying to figure out what it is I’ve been doing with my life. It feels as if I’m at a crossroads and there’s like a Denny’s on one corner and an Ihop on the other. Light switch raves never seem fun anymore and I don’t feel like celebrating Decemberween either. You guys know what I mean? Bear (holding a shark) with me as the strom is unleashed on this Flashback Friday!

Every Monday, my siblings and I would marvel at the Strongbad e-mails on one of our favourite Internet places to be, Homestarrunner.com. Seriously, if I could write e-mails and respond with such panache as Strongbad did, my life would be that much fuller. The humour of those flash cartoons along with the colourful and clean simplistic animation amused us. Here were some ridiculous characters interacting on my screen and they were so personable.


The lovable jerk that is Strongbad. My siblings would joke that Swan was Strongbad, my brother was Strongmad and I was Strongsad. Psh. Just because I have a gentle soul... heh. Right.

There were a couple of other web series I followed at the time (oh yeah! Making Fiends! I remember you...uh, but why did you get cancelled on Nickelodeon?!) but finding the Easter eggs hidden in the sbemails always gave us joy. Celebrating Decemberween with the gang also made us smile and we looked forward to new toons each week. Those were just some of the simple pleasures we got from visiting the site but there was so much too.

During its pinnacle of popularity: action figures, a music cd, t-shirts, a plush The Cheat, stickers, and DVDS were released.


But let us not forget the greatness of their games by Videlectrix on the site such as Peasant’s Quest. The game paid tribute to text based adventure games of yore while poking fun with awesomely old school graphics, ridiculous scenarios and fabulous choices. Of course, one of the best things Homestarrunner gave us was also the mighty Trogdor. With his one beefy arm, his game and penchant for burninating the countryside, the peasants and their thatched roof cottages was a sight to behold.

That Trogdor...he was one good-looking brontosaurus.

Then something happened. Some cool video games for Attractive People were released in 2008 and I don’t even know what transpired from there. That was right around the time I stopped frequenting the site. If I recall correctly, there was not much to go back to after the games came out. There were very few updates to the toons and the last update was 2010. I never played the games but maybe that's what I need to do. I'll get them for the Wii and start hanging out in Strongbadia. It will probably be good to see the gang again.


So where are the creators of Homestarruner now? Last I checked, at least one half of the Brothers Chaps became involved (and did some voice acting too) for the amazing animated series Gravity Falls. I believe The Brothers Chaps may have their own show in the works too as per Wikipedia. I have faith it will be fun times but my sister and I will never forget our time spent with Homestar Runner and the gang.


Even though it feels like he is, The Cheat is not dead. He certainly is in our hearts.

And here he is celebrating Halloween Decemberween with us too. Isn't he just the prettiest fairy you've ever seen?


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