We've all got at least one. Maybe it was a game that flew under the radar during a time of big AAA releases. Maybe it was one that you feel was unfairly maligned and went unappreciated. Or maybe it was a game that had you paid full price for you would have been angry at, but since you got it cheap you were able to pull a few hours of fun out of and enjoy it.

Well, the bosses here at the TAY offices (which look surprisingly a lot like GBD's basement with a cardboard sign reading "TAY Offices" above the door) are giving you your spot here to let your favorite under-appreciated gems shine under the warm glow of the TAYLight. No, that isn't radiation, and that doesn't explain why we have no less than two talking bears and one talking swan here in TAY.

Here are three of my personal recommendations:

#3) Wet

Wet is a game starring mercenary-for-hire Rubi Malone. A homage to Tarantino-style films, the game looks much like an old movie from the 1970s with a grindhouse flair. As Rubi, you can slide, jump, and wall run while firing double pistols or slicing down enemies with your sword all to a pretty kick ass rockabilly soundtrack. When sliding jumping or wall running, the game slows down time allowing you to take out enemies a few at a time in just a few seconds. The game is a bit rough around the edges and could have used a bit more time for the developers to polish it up, but the exciting gameplay and the Tarantino-esque feel to the production is charming enough to carry the game through most of its flaws.


#2) Jaws Unleashed

Jaws Unleashed was an open world free-roam game where you took control of the 25 foot Great White himself(herself?). The story was complete bs, as were most of the story missions. But for random chaotic fun the game was pretty great. You could stealth up to swimmers and drag them underwater without making any other beach-goers aware, or you could go on a full attack and even launch yourself onto the beach and drag a passerby into the ocean to their bloody,bloody end. You could even drag someone under and then leave them to the smaller sharks around and watch the feeding frenzy. There were also plenty of other creatures to chomp on swimming about in the oceans, some which could be rather dangerous to you ( damn narwhals.) There was even an upgrade system where you could learn moves such as dive bombing a boat and sinking it, allowing you to get at the tasty morsels inside.


#1) Alice: Madness Returns

This game is really one of my favorites of the current generation. It has an amazing art direction, and a soundtrack that really shines through. It is also one of the few M rated games that earns its rating not through gallons of blood and bucket-loads of curse words, but through an actual mature story that eventually touches upon a theme I don't think I've ever seen approached in any other game. The game's biggest (and in my opinion, only) flaw is that its platforming sections can be extremely long, leaving you ready to be done with an area a while before you actually get to wrap it up. But I believe the game is ultimately worth slogging through these parts, and that you would be doing yourself a disservice by missing this game before this generation ends.


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