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[Fluff] My Favorite: Anime Outro Songs

A while ago I wrote about my favorite anime openings and video game openings and vaguely remembered I was supposed to do endings next. I got side tracked by the disappointment of Final Fantasy 15 and the new patches in Final Fantasy 14 that I kinda forgot about it. Add in that I got a gig writing about video games over at VGamers.com and that’s why I haven’t been writing on here as much.

With that being said, there is something different about writing when you are being “paid” to do it versus “wanting” to do it for your own entertainment. Which means that there are things that I will share with you guys that I won’t over there because I can be more like myself here :).


Now that the exposition you all didn’t ask for is complete, here are a few of my favorite anime endings in no particular order for your enjoyment.

1. Outlaw Star Ending 2: Tsuki no Le

Let’s just say that when “midis” were still a thing this was one of the first ones I tried to obtain. Many torrent websites later I had it but can’t tell you where that is now. My god, the memories. This is also one of my favorite animes of all time so I’m biased with this choice.

2. Tales of Zestiria Season 2 Ending: Innosense

The sense of urgency is so apparent in this ending that I don’t know what to do with it. Yes this is based off of a game but watching the anime is still a better use of your time. This anime is also good to watch if you are playing through Tales of Berseria because it gives some background exposition for where the world is going.


3. Asterisk War Ending: Waiting for the Rain

I thought this was one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in quite a while. I can even see the potential for piano covers and they will all be magical. This anime is a harem show so just fair warning if that isn’t your cup of tea.


4. Mai Hime Ending: Kimi Ga Sora Datta

This anime tore at my heart strings but this song always made it worse in a good way. This is one of the older ones so I’m not sure who will remember it but I love it to death. And besides, who doesn’t like high school girls fighting with weapons? You do? Then this is a show for you.


5. Rozen Maiden Ending 2: Traumend

Just the levels of sad and haunting. This is one of my favorite openings that I have never forgotten. That and this show is pretty awesome if you haven’t checked it out. Don’t let the dolls and the child main protagonist put you off.


6. Samurai Champloo Ending: Shiki no Uta

Samurai Champloo will probably always have a place on the list because it’s that damn good. The end.


7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Ending: Roundabout

This anime is non-sensical and gives me a headache but there is something about this ending that I love. Not to mention when it was used for a meme with a racist getting punched in the face it became an instant favorite.


8. Sailor Moon Crystal Ending: Eternal Eternity

I made the mistake of not putting Sailor Moon on my list last time and I won’t do it again. This was one of my favorite endings show casing one of the best relationships on the show other than Usa and Mamo.


9. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works: Nightcore

I like the opening of this anime better but I still love this ending as well. This anime is well worth your time to watch.


10. Aldnoah.Zero: a.LIEz

I really enjoyed this anime but not as much as I liked the songs in it. It reminded me of Gundam Wing in certain respects but a bit bloodier.


This is my list but it is in no way complete of comprehensive. What are some of your favorite anime endings? Share them in the comments section so we can travel down memory lane together. Any maybe put some people on to some new shows.

Edited: Because I realize my other lists had 10 songs on it and to prevent confusion in the title.


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