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[Fluff] My Favorite: Anime Openings

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A while back I compiled a list of my favorite video game openings and I thought I would do the same for anime. Once again, this is not an exhaustive list in any particular order but these are the ones that stand out to me personally.


1. Bleach Opening 7- After Dark

So the thing about Bleach is that the anime adaptations were pretty good until about season 8 then it went off the rails lol. But I remember the one thing that I loved about all of them were their openings. This is one of the few anime openings that I wouldn’t go to the bathroom or skip out on. They were always an event and worth watching.

2. Nabari No Ou- Crawl

This song was so appropriate for this anime lol. The anime itself was kinda ehhh but I appreciated it for what it was. As we get further down this list yall will see that most of these are in the rock genre. Not sure why my anime opening preferences immediately mean J-Rock XD.

3. Samurai Champloo- Battle Cry

This was one of the first anime openings that I have seen with a hip hop infusion done right. The hip hop theme was pervasive through out the whole anime and were so appropriate. This anime fits into the same boat as Cowboy Bebop as a must see if you’re an anime fan.

4. Outlaw Star- Through the Night

This is one of the few oldie but goodie openings on my list. While I do enjoy the song, I think it was the art style of the opening itself along with the music that made it one of my favorites. This is another great anime as well that should be checked out.

5. D. Gray Man Hallow- “Key: Bring It On, My Destiny”

D. Gray Man disappeared from our anime lives without finishing the ark. The opening of this anime I believe sums it all off in a nice little bow and while I would have liked to have seen it play out in episodes they managed to pull it off well enough. But anyway, they came back to the anime foray swinging with this opening.

6. Angel Beats-My Soul, Your Beats

I’m warning you now, this anime has feels all through out it. I stumbled on this show doing my usual Crunchyroll jaunts and was not disappointed. I should have known from the somber tone of the opening that I was in for it. Keep your tissue box handy, you have been warned lol.

7. Black Cat- Daia No Hana

In all honesty, I don’t remember much about this anime but I never forgot this opening. Its something so haunting about the song when paired with the visuals that it stuck in my memory. If anyone else remembers what this show was about you can leave it in the comments.

8. Nana Opening 2- Wish

This was another show that I watched while the Funimation channel was still a thing. This show’s whole soundtrack was great and it took me a minute to choose the one I liked best. I’m not sure if I would classify this anime as a slice of life thing but I would say that it qualifies. This was one of the first anime’s I have watched that tackled real life adult issues like cheating, unrequited love, unplanned pregnancy and friendship between women. Its a shame the original manga was never finished.

9. Soul Eater- Paper Moon

I can’t sing this anime’s praises enough and its mainstream enough that I don’t think I need to explain why its great. But when I first saw this opening in the context of the show I was like”Holy Shit its about to get real.”

10. Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagaan- Sorairo Days

This is my final pick for this list because it is encapsulates the carefree and wonderment filled nature of the first ark of this anime. It fit it so perfectly that anyone would have to actually watch this show to get what I mean if you haven’t seen it already.

These are my picks for anime favorites what are some of your favorites? There are several openings that I omitted from this list for the sake of brevity but please feel free to share your favorites in the comments sections so I can check them out.


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Edited: Thank you Cheroro for pointing out that I miss named “Battle Cry” for Samurai Champloo. ♡


Edited 3.11.17 to fix a broken link


All of these videos were taken from Youtube and of course they all belong to their respective author’s, publishers, musicians and all of that jazz. I’m not making a cent off of any of these lol.

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