I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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[Fluff] Some of My Favorite Video Game Openings

Because this image made me smile lol
Because this image made me smile lol

A few of my posts have been heavy and introspective so I decided to add something a little Fluffy into the mix. I was thinking about my favorite video game openings the other day so I figured I would share a few. This list is by no means comprehensive and does not mean that anyone needs to agree with them. This list is also not in any particular order so one isn’t better than another. As a matter of fact I want you guys to share your own favorites because I may have forgotten about them too ^.^


1. Final Fantasy 8: Liberi Fatali

This was my first RPG so of course this was gonna make it on the list but I think what captivated me was the CG style and the fact that I had no idea what the lady singing it was saying lol. It was very haunting and if I hear it literally anywhere I will stop what I’m doing to find out who is playing it so we can fangirl/fanboy out together.


2. Tales of Vesperia: Ring a Bell

I can listen to this in both Japanese and English. I love this opening so much and I am so irritated that we never got the PS4 version of this game >.<. (I brought a 360 just for this game. It was so worth it lol) I have always loved the art style of the Tales games so this just added to it.


3. Final Fantasy 14: Answers

Depending on who you ask this can be seen as both an opening and an ending. This was technically the ending of FF14 1.0 and the beginning to FF14 A Realm Reborn so this was the first thing I saw. The song playing is called Answers by Susan Calloway and it made tears spring from my eyes the first time I heard it. For those of you that never get to play this because it’s an MMO you should know about this song :)


4. Chrono Cross: The Scars of Time

I know this list is super Square heavy but I can’t help it if they were some of my most memorable ones XD. Now I played Chrono Cross before Chrono Trigger so I had nothing to go off of but this opening had me hype to play the rest of the game.


5. Legend of the Dragoon: If You Still Believe

I make it a point to include this game where ever I can lol. It doesn’t get nearly enough love and to me is definitely one of the greats in the JRPG family. It just came at a really bad time so it was looked over.



1. Thousand Arms

Yet another game that I bring up whenever I can. Not to be confused with Wild Arms, (Another great series btw), this game was definitely one that introduced me to anime and rpg tropes but it was very fun to play.


2. Kingdom Hearts 2: Sanctuary

Honestly I would be remiss if I didn’t put this one on here somewhere. It wasn’t the first one I thought of but this series introduced me to Hikaru Utada so I have to give credit where its due lol.


That’s all that I can think of at the moment but what are some of your favorite video game openings? It doesn’t have to be from JRPGs like my list is so be sure to include your favorites with links. I’m thinking that I may do an anime version of this list but that may belong on AniTAY lol.

Until Next Time guys,



All videos were found on Youtube for your viewing pleasures :)

Thousand Arms was published by Atlus

Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 14 and Chrono Cross is owned and published by SquareEnix/SquareSoft


Tales of Vesperia is published by Bandai Namco

Legend of the Dragoon is published and owned by Sony

So pretty much I don’t own any of these lmao



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