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Whats up! I wanted to share a game with everyone that is coming out soon that I think is flying well below everyone’s radar. Cosmic Star Heroine looks to be a turn-based sci-fi RPG, a mash up of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7. The game is sporting Super NES graphics and it looks amazing. The game will feature 11 different characters and 3 different worlds for you to explore. I haven’t played the game at all, I know it was available at E3 last year and besides that haven’t really noticed anyone talking about it besides Colin Moriarty from Kinda Funny. If I had more to share about the game I would, but I’ve only watched this fantastic trailer about five times.

Originally CSH was supposed to come out this past Summer on PSN. Summer has come and gone since with no word from Zeboyd until last week when they announced their release date. I have no idea why they went dark, I feel like this game is deserving of much more hype and there would probably be a lot more people talking about it at this point. Looks like No Man’s Sky has scared the shit out of every developer.


Zeboyd Games have given Cosmic Star Heroine a release date of April 11, 2017 for both the PS4 and PC. They are also claiming that the Vita version is not far off with the PS4 version being cross-buy with Vita. The game will launch at $14.99.

Zeboyd games is also known for the following titles

I will be picking this title up on launch day, its coming out around Persona 5 so it might be hard but I’ll try and get some impressions up around launch. In the end $14.99 for the price of admission doesn’t sound bad at all. Is anyone else hyped for this game? Let me know.


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