I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hope you remembered to wear green today. Or you might get... pinched? I think that's the punishment?


Sorry for the giant hiatus on these debates/discussions, work now owns my life for the second half of the week with all-day meetings. But let's get to the matter at hand:

TODAY we're discussing the holiday that absolutely crept up on me: St. Patrick's Day. Do you celebrate it? Do you at least make some kind of Irish dish for one of your meals? Wearing that green tie today?



1. What's your favorite Irish dish?

2. Grossest dish? wow so creative for a second question right guys?

3. How are you celebrating the holiday (if you are)? Wearing green totally counts.


4. Favorite recipe? Links are cool if you've got one online. If not, just tell me why you enjoy making it!


A. For the alcohol-consumers: What's the best booze to celebrate the holiday with?


B. Are you Irish? If so... just how Irish... are you?

C. Should you feel so bold, show us your green outfit!

Discuss it all in the comments! I WANNA KNOW YOUR FOODS.

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