For the past hour and a half the entire sports department at the newspaper I work for had a debate over if a hot dog was a sandwich.

That’s right, an entire department (sports no less) just debated in the middle of the newsroom over whether a piece of meat made by the leftovers of various animals cooked and put in a bun was a sandwich.

The whole debate came about because my editor was reading about his favorite team (the Buffalo Bills) and a reporter had asked quarterback Tyrod Taylor if a hotdog was a sandwich. My editor apparently did not know that was an internet thing, and he proceeded to enter the black hole that is internet debates and pulled us all down with him.

Seven of us (three writers, two designers, a clerk and the editor) spent an hour and a half debating this. We even sucked in the design department across from us during this debacle.


Our editor said no. A hot dog isn’t a sandwich. Our clerk also said no. The 67-year old writer said yes, while the middle-aged writer said no, then changed to yes after reading Wikipedia. The two designers said no, with one saying, “No one has ever said I want a hot dog sandwich.”

So my humble TAYmates. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

EDIT: I totally forgot to put a headline on this thing.