Several weeks ago, I wrote a post asking whether Splatoon’s Splatfests should be scored differently. My chief complaint was it was mostly a popularity contest and that the skill of each team was unlikely to ever make a difference in deciding which ultimately won.

Then, a few weeks later, the second Splatfest was won by the less popular team due to their higher win percentage - something I had wrongly guessed was unlikely to ever happen.

Several people contacted me to rub my nose in it. Uh, I mean, point this fact out.


My complaints were completely unfounded! It was possible for the less popular team to win, and that everyone should stop complaining about how popularity mattered too much! Boo hoo!

Well, no. First of all, I never said it was impossible, I said it was unlikely. Second, my main point was that some kind of change needed to be made, because the popular vote was too important for determining who won. If the voting was too one-sided, then the Splatfest would essentially be decided before a single drop of ink was fired.


And I was right, even if my prediction about a less popular team ever winning was wrong. Very quietly, Nintendo has decided to change how Splatfests are scored after all.

In this post at Nintendo Life, which translates the Japanese patch notes for the August update dropping tomorrow, the following little tidbit is sandwiched in the middle of the long list:

Splatfest changes: In calculating the final results, the winning percentage points (weight) has been changed from 2x to 4x.


So, the win rate now counts for four times the amount of points as the popular vote, in contrast to the double from before.

Nintendo looked at the Splatfest scoring, saw how unfair it was, and decided to change it to make the win rate a little more determinative.


In other words, the Big N agreed with me. I was right. SO THERE. :P