I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Anyone can post here. This will be old TAY for today.

I've seen a lot of you commenting on how TAY is now a bit more exclusive. I get that. While I like Nu-TAY, I too miss the old TAY where anyone could post anything. That's what this thread will be. I think one of the TAY authors should take it upon themselves to post one of these each day so we have a place where we can just talk, you know?


Anyway, just to get a general topic started: so there were a few games released in the past week. Luigi's Mansion came out Sunday, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate came out on Tuesday. I hear there's another game coming out today. Bio-something? Gotten any new games lately? What are you liking and what are you not liking? Chat it up, people!

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