I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Ah quite, in little over an hour, the 2014 FIFA World Cup will begin... hurray. Since in my country I am one of those rare cases that do not really follow football (or "soccer" if you will) anywhere quite like the folks around me, it's a time to be lonely and an outcast. But it's ok, because I got video games! So I'm never really lonely at all! Doing a little digging around my GameCube collection I manage to find Amusement Vision's "Virtua Striker 3 v2002", it was one of my friends favourites back in those days, it was nice having an arcade perfect home conversion to play without having to spend coins for credits. So I recorded a facsimile opening match between Brazil and Croatia that will take place in about 5 hours by the time I am writing this. Will be fun to check out later if the result will come anywhere near the game score.

Oh and "Força Portugal!" not because I am some sort of fanatic that believes it means we are superior to anyone else, I just like to see the people around me happy and trust me, the further and better the team does over there, the less painful peoples lives will be over here. I too sometimes wish I was so easily distracted...


*UPDATE* Real game end result was Brazil 3 - 1 Croatia. Not bad...

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