This is for those who wanna discuss the new Star Wars film without upsetting someone who didn’t know Luke is the new Vader and Kylo Ren his apprentice/brother.


Only, we’re going to actually be covering real spoilers, not fake ones made to piss off people who read the little blurb and think it’s true.

And when I say “discuss spoilers”, it should be obvious I mean we’re going to talk about the film without having to omit any parts we loved or hated out of respect to others. (Yes, They-Who-Believe-In-Spoilers, it’s out of respect)

WARNING: If you were too dense to understand, we WILL be talking about Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in this post. There be spoilers ahead.


If you didn’t see the movie yet, and want to experience it as intended, DON’T READ THIS POST.


Seriously, I can’t stress that enough. Turn Back.


Last chance. Back away. This is your final warning. Spoilers Ahoy!


Han Solo dies.

Almost Comic-Con


Star Wars is great because it’s subjective. Everybody feels different about it.

Some people are die-hard Force-heads who can quote every piece of SW media by heart. These are the ones who go through the trouble to watch the Despecialized Editions, and buy “Han Shot First” onesies for their kids. The ones who can cry over the wooden acting in the prequels because they understand and are invested in the story.

There’s the “OT or GTFO” crowd.

The Lucas-Lovers group.

There’s a whole generation who were introduced with the prequels and love them, or those who were introduced the same way but it was only a door to becoming a Force-head.


There’s pop-culture geeks who like SW, but aren’t obsessed. (Hi!)

There’s the layman who likes lightsabers, but doesn’t really get into any previous movies.


Heading to the theater on Thursday (their “Midnight release” was at 7:20 & 10:25) I saw all of them and more. My favorite though? The I-couldn’t-give-less-of-a-shit-about-Star-Wars guys and gals who hated the crowd, but showed up because their partner was a Force-head.

I saw so many costumes and masks and lightsabers- the latter two prohibited but allowed regardless.


The love of the series was palpable. Despite the sweaty heat, the large crowd, and the long wait in line (we went for the 10:20, showed up at 9:15- others came as early as 6:00), magic and joy flowed through the theater. Old, young, middle aged- all present, all joyously pumped up together. Community.

I turned to my group, “This is the closest I’ll ever be to Comic-Con. Or E3 2005.” They agreed.

Disclosure: I like Star Wars. I know more about it than the Average Joe, but only because I’m a pop-culture/gaming/tech geek. I’ve always respected the OT, but I’m not obsessed. I was 9 when Phantom Menace came out, and I loved it. Especially Jar-Jar.


When I was 12, I attempted to rewatch it and it was excruciating. I never really finished another prequel. Some months ago I attempted Machete Order, but I always fall asleep on ep II & III. I just want you to know what kind of fan I am (& expect to learn what kind you are).

On to the meat of this post.

The Force is Strong with This One


I loved the new film. Sure, some bits were predictable, but so were parts of all the movies.

So many times this movie had me cheesing. So. Many. Times.

Finn, Rey, and Poe were AMAZING imho. I fell in love with BB-8 when I thought I never would. (Totally seems female though)


I was shocked that Han was still Han. Leia still Leia. Very awesome.

The movie was loooong. But it was long in a way I didn’t notice until we left the theater.


The story was very ANH/RotJ-ish. Not a bad thing, though I wish Starkiller base could have survived.

And Kylo Ren? Damn... damn...

I think he was on par with Vader for totally different reasons. Just as much rage, but it all boiled over.


Honestly, I expected this movie to be ok- like a Marvel flick. Nope. It was good. A true popcorn flick, but with love, care, and heart.

It’s funny, I made this post so we could talk in detail about the film, but all I remember is feelings.

Kylo Ren being a Solo/Skywalker? I didn’t see that coming. I loved it. (Though, one nerfherder did see it coming, he shouted, “I CALLED IT!!!!” so excitedly we all laughed)


I love the story we didn’t see. About the 30 year gap. It’s all so perfect.

The Force Awakens was the first film I’ve seen in a theater since Shutter Island, and it was awesome.


I really like that no one talked about the movie until outside. That still blows my mind and I hold so much respect for the Force-head community community now.


Outside though, I heard a group talking about what they didn’t like. Mostly nitpicking, but one nit kept coming back up. They didn’t like Ren taking his mask off to say Han’s son was dead (“then keep the mask on!)

I think that misses the point. I mean, yeah, if it’s true why remove the mask? Also, who didn’t see Han dying the moment his guard was down?


But I think it misses the pount because he was lying. As Leia said, there was still light in him. In that moment, (and I’m glad we saw him emote, mask-free) he was finally giving over to the dark side. Finally killing the man he was and accepting the man he became. It was beautiful, yet tragic. Tragic in a way only the life of a Skywalker can be.

Chewie’s reaction was spot on. But when Leia felt teared up.

I dunno what else to talk about now.

Comment with your experience. What kind of fan are you? How did you feel about this film? What do you love, hate, or anything in between? I’d love to keep talking about this.