Most of us here on TAY like, if not love, cartoons. Everyone has their favorites, and many of us like immensely popular cartoons. Tiny Toons. Animaniacs. Adventure Time. Pretty much any show in the old Disney cartoon category. But this isn't for those.

This post is for the long forgotten cartoons. The ones that may have had a few seasons, but then sank into the depths of pop culture cartoon irrelevance. I will list my top 4.

Anything I miss, please feel free to cover in the comments.

#4: Tales From The Cryptkeeper.

I remember this had a few seasons, and even as a kid I couldn't believe someone had greenlit this idea. "You know that incredibly creepy HBO show we have? We should totally convert that into a children's Saturday morning cartoon show!"


#3: Biker Mice From Mars

After the rise in popularity of a cartoon featuring four talking shelled reptiles, everybody seemed to want in on the "talking animals badasses" front. Biker Mice From Mars was definitely the best amongst the clones.


#2: Attack of The Killer Tomatoes

Who the hell in the 90s kept thinking bad B movie horror films would make excellent cartoons for children? I honestly don't remember much about this show beyond its name, the theme song, and the fact that I freaking loved it. I wonder now if it's simply my brain trying to tell me "Yea, it was crap. I'm trying my best not allow you to remember the details of the crap you watched."


#1: Swat Kats

Swat Kats. The greatest opening theme to a cartoon I'm almost sure nobody but me ever watched.