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1981 was a simpler time. A time when the gaming world was in its infancy and games were based on novel ideas like shooting down space invaders, saving damsels in distress, and... bombing gorillas wearing headphones. Wait, what was that last one?

You may have never heard of Sky Skipper, and for good reason. The game was only ever released as an arcade cabinet in Japan by Nintendo and in the states as a title for the Atari 2600 by Parker Brothers. Riding on the coat tails of Donkey Kong's unbridled success the game took it's own approach to dealing with stubborn apes. Players took control of eccentric pilot Mr. You (That's right. YOU!) and led him on various missions to save the King and his family members - Queen, Joker, Spade, Heart, Dia, and Club. Get it? They're named after playing cards! Oh Nintendo, you crazy cats. All these poor Wonder-Kingdom folks were kid napped by natures most notorious criminals - gorillas. Not just any gorillas either. We're talking multicolored, headphone wearing, baseball throwing, cursing, I'm-pretty-sure-that's actually-a-bear gorillas.

With three lives and a limited supply of fuel players had to be strategic about who they saved, who they bombed, and when they fueled up their plane. The outright ridiculousness of the plot and the game play makes me sad that we haven't seen Mr. You show up in any Nintendo titles to date. Can we at least get an assist trophy in the next Smash Bros?


Remember a while back when PeTA got all up in Nintendo's grill for Mario wearing a tanooki suit? It's a good thing none of those nuts every saw this crazy biz-naz. Though I guess Mr. You just knocks the gorillas down with his bombs and doesn't kill them per-say. The game didn't do as well as Nintendo hoped in the arcade scene so sadly we Americans never had the chance to dive bomb those darn baseball loving apes in public. Sadly the 2600 version of the game didn't really look or play much like the original and wasn't much of a hit state side. I think it's time we saw a revamp of Sky Skipper, or maybe just a special virtual console release of the arcade game for the 3DS or Wii U. Make it happen Nintendo. I want this craziness in my hands.

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