I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Quake. Unreal. Half-Life. Do any of these names bring you back memories? Memories of game sessions with your clan friends that dangerously strolled into dawn, looking for servers with the best latency and having the very best keyboard + mouse bindings? And do today's FPS offerings bore you with fluff that you never asked or indeed, never wanted? If you're in your seat shaking your head and thinking "Shiryu is right. He is always right. What a guy!" you should seek help. If however you do indeed miss the simpler days of adrenalin rush arena FPS combat, please take a look.

TOXIKK is the name of the game that I only discovered today. For some reason, it has great appeal to me. Perhaps in my old age I have grow soft and began relying just a it too much on regenerating health and cover mechanics. Since Activision does not see my Wii U fit to play the latest Call of Duty this year, perhaps it's time I dust off my mouse and keyboard and just play something slightly more pure.


Now if you will excuse me, I need to go find my Quake ]|[ Arena /Team Arena and Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition CDs...

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