In case you didn't know, your favorite series might suck.


In case you didn't know, there's a new Sequelitis, this time about The Legend of Zelda!


Egoraptor is back, baby!

So, what do you think? What do you agree or disagree with?

The most common complaints about the video seem to stem from the fact that Arin sort of forgets to come full circle with some of his issues with one game or the other, as in some things that he says can be applicable to both Ocarina of Time AND A Link to The Past, although he only mentions it once. He also doesn't make much mention of the openness of ALttP after unlocking the Dark World, and he also tends to be a little nitpicky. But all that aside...

I think the main point lies at the very beginning, and many people seem to forget it by the time they get all the way through the video. To quote Mr. Grump:

Anyone can tell you what makes a Zelda game a Zelda game, and what a game needs to be... to be a Zelda game. But is that description you get REALLY what describes a Zelda game at its core? Is it possible that following this formula might actually be missing the entire point of what makes Zelda AWEsome? Or even what makes a sequel awesome?


That was the point. That was the theme being tackled here. Do tropes and common elements really define a series? (Spoiler Alert: I'll get into this in greater detail in my upcoming full-length long-read analyzing The Legend of Zelda as a franchise!)

I believe Zelda to be defined by four core pillars: exploration, combat, story, and puzzle-solving. Every Zelda game has these same four elements in differing amounts, which, in tandem with the obviously differing art-styles and control schemes and gimmicks and whatnot, is what truly sets each one apart.


Now, everyone has a different opinion of what the most important Zelda element is, so everyone's going to have a different favorite Zelda. Ocarina of Time may not be 100% 'Zelda' in spirit, but for those who prefer a rich story over exploration freedom, it's an amazing experience. For people like me who like all the elements in decent balance, it's a great game, but not the best. In the end, there is no definitive best Zelda. It's all about finding the Zelda game that fits your idea of what Zelda should be! To each his own, and THAT is the point!


Hey, all. This here was just a TEEEENY tiny bite-sized prequel-teaser-sampler-spoiler of an opinion piece that I wrote as a bit of a teaser for an upcoming series of long-reads with some similar themes (People seemed to like my long-reads, I guess). This series is intended to be a bit of a deeper analysis into franchises including but not limited to Zelda (of course), Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect, their sequels, and more. Stay tuned to TAY to find out more, and see when my next piece rolls out! I don't have any particular schedule or anything set in mind, but I do have a vast majority of my first two pieces already written out. So expect to see more in the near future! See ya again soon!