I'm really feeling it!

Whats up! I’m stocked up and ready to dive into the newest Destiny 2 Expansion, Warmind. It launches in about twenty minutes, I wrote a little blurb the other day about Destiny 2 and the expansion if you want any info on it. Today I’ll be running through the story missions, new strikes, trying out new Exotics, and any other surprises that Bungie decided to toss our way (or didn’t). I’ll be streaming it most of the day (Tuesday, May 8th/Friday May 11th 10am pst) if you want to check it out.

So for Tuesdaylunch I’m doing Tacos and Pizza, Dinner will be grilled BBQ chicken thighs (boneless/skinless). The plan is to leave my couch as little as possible today. On a side note my PC is currently busted so I’m using a patched together stream station. Friday’s meal plan is yet to be determined.


I’ll be on the couch, my moose of a brother will be sitting in the corner with the monitor. Nothing too fancy but you get a chance to check out some awesome gameplay and myself stuffing my face. On Friday I will be streaming the Raid Lair starting at 10am sharp. I will be racing with other Destiny 2 players to see who can be worlds first.

I enjoy writing for TAY and have dabbled in making different types of gaming and lifestyle content. I like playing games and interacting with gaming communities to wind down. You can find me here!

Twitter @frattyman

Twitch - twitch.tv/frattyman

YouTube Channel- Player 2 Push Start

PSN/XLIVE/STEAM - Frattyman (if you send a friend request just put TAY in it!)

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