I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Free Steam Keys! :D [ALL KEYS GIVEN AWAY, THANKS FOR COMING OUT]

I'm going to have something of a mini-contest, because I can. Basically, I'll type out the the game I'm giving the code for, and it's cost - by "cost", I mean an image of whatever I say the cost is; i.e., if I ask for a flower, post a picture of a flower. I'm doing this because some loser keeps stealing codes whenever people post them. Simply post the image with a throw-away email account attached (to guarantee it goes to you and only you), and you're good as gold.

So, here's the games:
(Italics = taken).

Capsized [Shrubbery]
Thomas Was Alone [A celebrity doing something stupid]
Little Inferno [the classic "boxing kangaroo" insignia]
Awesomenauts [the Berlin Wall being torn down]
Hotline Miami [Columbus Blue Jackets logo]
Proteus [Jeff Goldblum]
English Country Tune [any Genesis album]
Oil Rush [case of Blue Star Beer (the Newfoundland one, not the Texas one)]

One per person. First person to answer wins. Not available to residents of Mars.

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