I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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It was starkly light where the fabulous man worked, he was dripping with a nervous sweat as he performed his task. "Would his work be enough to satisfy, this time?" he wondered. Around him his compatriots mirrored him, some finishing quickly and confidently, others with a look of defeat in their eyes. They would not satisfy, and the man shook his head in pity and understanding. The man lifted the tool of his labor, raised and lowered it time after time, toiling away. After some time, he looked to the sky, the sun beginning to journey to it's resting place beyond the hills. He thought to himself "the time is almost up, it is upon us." He began filling in the holes that he had missed on his first run through of his task, meticulously checking over his efforts. Just as he was finishing his review, clear as a clarion call "Time is up! The time is nigh!" He slumped his shoulders and sighed, not in defeat, but in relief. He had finished in time and believed this time, once again he would satisfy. He threw his pack of tools over his back and begun exiting this place. As he was leaving a profound truth dawned on him, that was his last final! The fabulous man threw up his arms in jubilation and let slip the cry "FREEEEEEDOOOOOMMMM!!!!!" and ran down the hallway and out in to the cold night, to make merry and mischief alike.


Hey everybody, as you can tell I'm done with finals and I have returned to TAY triumphant. I have approximately one month and one week before I have to return to class, so what am I going to do with that time? Well for one I'm planning to start putting out one article a day for each day I'm off school. Some of them may be reviews, some may be short little stories like the one above, and some may just be random discussions about stuff I'm thinking of, but I plan to have something up everyday. I'm also looking at completing/platinuming AC4, NFS:R, Battlefield 4, and Sorcery Saga before the end of break. Knack too if I can get my hands on it. I'll be writing up some reviews on anime as well, of the series that I've finished while I was away and some that will be finished over break. SO, I'm back and in a big way for the next month or so, you'll be hearing a lot from me.

So stay Fabulous my friends :3

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