So, last night I watched the third episode of The Devil Is A Part Timer! even though I told myself I'd wait till tonight to do so. What can I say? I'm weak. . . .WEAK I TELL YOU!!!

Lol. SO! What do I think so far? Hmm . . . It's great! I dunno what it is about it, it's just good. It's funny, it's happy, it's entertaining. What more could you ask from a series? I mean, there's series, and then there's series. There's those who leave you piqued and curious about what's going to happen, and you know it's something awesome or deep or something good to look forward to. They have amazing character development that's gradual and believable, and the premise makes sense and is enthralling. They may take a little to pick up, but in the end, it's always worth it. . . . But this series, I don't know what it is about it that just makes me want more. The characters are charismatic, and the animation is great. The music is fitting and unique, and the carefree, upbeat feel is very contagious. And this is something I perceived in the first episode, mind you. I think the last time a series felt so good upon launch, was, dare I say, Sword Art Online.

Until it dropped the ball about halfway through the season, of course.

But anyways, back to Maou-sama, no need to discuss the latter right now. And I'm honestly trying to avoid major details (Pfft, 3rd episode in, there's really nothing) so bear with me. Well, I checked online to see some extra info, since my gut was tingling, and it turns out there's only 13 episodes in the series. Hmm, I thought the plot felt like it was going a bit fast. But oh well, what can we do, right? Quite honestly, it's a bit reassuring. It means they can't fuck it up along the way. It's not like there's any signs of impeding catastrophe, quality-wise, but I'd rather not have a feeling of dissatisfaction if shit hits the fan.


But I digress, so back to the reaction. The premise is enjoyable. It's made in such a way that the slice-of-life aspects seem less intrusive since, well, this isn't their normal lifestyles to begin with. Maybe I'm just missing something, but the reason why I don't watch slice-of-life stuff is because I don't want to sit down to watch animated characters enjoy the small stuff in life, that I could easily just experience myself. So the whole idea of "having to live in a new world" seems to work better, in my opinion, than the usual high school drama comedies lived by girls. The characters? They're fun. They're likeable. And, there's a charm to the situational gags in the series that I like, thanks to their attitude. It's just very down-to-earth and fun. I know I keep throwing that phrase around, but damn it, it's just an enjoyable series. Watch it.

Alas, that's all I have to offer right now. I tried out RDG last night, at like 11 or so, and for some reason I lacked the patience required to sit through the OP :I What about you guys? Any thoughts on what you're watching?