I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello everyone! The weekend is finally upon us. I hope you and yours find it well. What, if any, plans do you all have for this weekend?


Me? After the awesomeness of going to a local drive-in last weekend, I’m going back again. Last week was a double feature of Jurassic World/ Terminator Genysis. This week is Minions/ Inside Out, so obviously we’re taking the kids.

I‘ve honestly fallen completely in love with this method of movie-watching. Price was certainly a selling point. It cost me a grand total of 8 bucks last week, and that got me two awesome movies. This week, it’s going to cost a grand total of 16 bucks for my whole family, since the drive-in doesn’t charge for kids under 11. That’s a hell of a deal compared to what your basic movie theater seems to ask for these days.

But it’s more than that. I wasn’t stuck in some uncomfortable movie-theater seat. My friend who drove us just popped the hatch on the back of his SUV, turned up the speakers, and we sat and watched from either there or the comfortable camp chairs we brought along with us. We didn’t have to worry about people’s phones, or people talking. The entire experience was just so much more enjoyable than any visit to a regular movie theater I’ve ever had.

It’s sad I won’t be able to do this anymore once summer ends. They even had the classic intermission ads between movies!


And, as usual, submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society:

Atlus and Vanillaware come together again!

Adventure Time Card Wars!

Fat Princess Adventures Preview!

Discuss these, dying drive-ins ( only 400 remain in the US!), or nearly anything else in the comments below! Have a great weekend boils and ghouls!

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