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Friday Night Graveyard Shift

Yoho! welcome to The Graveyard Shift! This is your nightly safe space to eat, pray, love, or just shoot the shit with your fellow nerds here on Talk Amongst Yourselves! Enjoy our new bully proof windows and troll safe doors! Whether sticking to the topic at hand or throwing out whatever randomness is on your mind, hop on in!

Yoho, fellow poTAYtoes! It’s Friday night, and hopefully you are set to have a great weekend.


Tonight’s topic, if you choose to accept it, is musical numbers in your favorite shows. Often times, a show introducing a musical number is a horrible time waiting to happen. I still remember tuning into an episode of Xena many years ago that went musical, it was just atrocious. Buffy went there once too.

But sometimes, it’s just pure gold. Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park almost always deliver amazing musical numbers when they decide to break into song. So, what about your favorites? Bring to us your favorite musical moments in your favorite shows!

Not a fan of this topic? Need an icebreaker to speak with your fellow TAYtor Tots? Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society:

Feel free to discuss this or nearly anything else in the comments below! Have a great weekend everybody, and may the Schwartz be with you!

TGS is not responsible for uncontrolled desire to explore nuclear wastelands not yet available, random Spaceballs references, or that damn song getting stuck in your head again.

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