I'm really feeling it!

Welcome, poTAYtoes/Vampires/Late Shift Warriors! This TAY’s nightly Open Forum where anybody can come on in and have a chat! Step on in, the water’s fine!

It’s everybody’s favorite Friday Night Cryptkeeper, JB! Another weekend down the drain.

So intrepid gaming photographers, any good shots this week? I’ve been playing the PS4 Skyrim remaster, so all my recent pictures are from that.

Who says Skyrim’s armors are all practical?

Any good shots from your own gaming adventures? Share them here with your fellow TAYtor Tots! Or feel free to ignore this, and talk about whatever you’d like in the comments below! Have a great weekend everybody!

Song of the week:

TGS is not responsible for you using far too many mods, character deaths occuring because you were too busy trying to get that right shot, or Jolly’s weird obsession with old pop music.

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