I'm really feeling it!

The Graveyard Shift yadda yadda Nightly Open Forum yadda yadda  Come on in and talk to some people yadda yadda nobody reads this part anyway.

Sorry this is late, guys and girls! The new story trailer For Mass Effect Andromeda has me in a major Mass Effect mood, and I frankly kinda got sucked into ME1. Came up for air and food and realized it was Friday. Oops!


I was going to share a pic of me in my Tali Zorah vas Normandy hoodie, but the pic seems to have disappeared so no go I guess. I’m sure you’re all hurt from the loss.

This has been your favorite Friday Night Cryptkeper, JB, wishing you all a great weekend! I have Geth to kill! Talk about whatever you’re hyped for in the comments below! Go full fangirl!

The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for the lack of brakes of on your personal hype train, lackluster intros to good forums, or lack of promised pictures of TGS hosts.

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