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Friday Night Graveyard Shift: Time To Play?

Welcome! It’s Friday Night and the feeling’s right! The Graveyard Shift is TAY’s nightly open forum for you late night gamers/insomniacs/ late shift warriors! Come on in and join the conversation, or start one of your own!

Hello, everybody! It’s everyone’s favorite Friday night cryptkeeper, JB here.

So,completely stolen from another forum I visit, let’s play a game!

Google Image Search your favorite video game or game character + deviantart. Scroll down til you find something weird. Post it here. Keep it safe for work!

Leading by example, my result for Mass Effect + Deviantart


Winner gets to be Z’s cat. Forever. Which isn’t a bad deal if you’re this cat, I guess. Or you can ignore this and discuss near anything you want in the comments below!

Song of the week :

The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for kaiju toy attacks, yaoi fanart of your favorite characters, or the fact that there’s no more wabbits awound. No more Wogah Wabbit, no more Petah Wabbit, and no more Pwayboy Bunny Wabbits.

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