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Frogfro's GOTY

Well here we are, at an article much like dozens you've probably all ready read, each with their own opinion for Game of the Year.

But I'm different.

Yes, all those other articles decided to jump the gun and release early, but they failed to take into account every game released this year. Final Fantasy III just came out on Windows Phones 2 days ago, which is a game that I'm sure no one else took into consideration. But I have! Well, that's not saying it's any good though. In fact I think it's pretty bad so once again it has failed to trump any possible contenders and is forced into the dark pit of obscurity.


But enough about that, I'm here to talk about a good game, great even. In fact I'd say it was downright... Wonderful.

Yes the Wonderul 101 is the game I've chosen as the best of the best this year. A game plagued with the worst kind of luck from reviews that managed to prove the complete incompetence of reviewers to a lack of marketing from Nintendo. It has certainly been an uphill battle for this game.

I suppose the best place to start with a game is the gameplay so I'll say it first that this game has some of the best combat I've ever had the joy of experiencing. What starts of as simple combos with the bare minimum of thought quickly evolve into frantic dances swirling around the enemy to do a whirlwind of varying combos and attacks. Using unite morphs feels fantastic, looks great and still manages to be a fun way of attacking and dodging. The game does a great job at evolving as you progress, from new unite morphs to new attacks with old unite morphs the game will continue to grow with you. As characters you've unlocked can be used on stages you've completed there's a massive increase to replayability.


The huge range of enemies keeps the game going at a running pace. This is a game where you'll be fighting a giant crab the size of a house and then immediately square off against a freakishly large mechanized turtle. The game lets you discover and engage enemies in different ways, keeping the combat fresh and making you feel like a badass. While at first you may dodge a laser attack you soon discover that you can use your sword to deflect it right back at the enemy for damage or that those pesky turtles can be flipped onto their exposed backs with a well place whip attack.


Surprisingly it was the art style that's managed to grow on me the most. While at times it looks rough around the edges, the plastic figurine style they went for works, really well. Characters and enemies almost look as if they should be on a stand in a collection. The game is meant to be viewed from a distance however and the times when the camera zooms in close the illusion starts to fall apart, but these times are few and far between, so I'm more then willing to forgive it.

Everything is enhanced by the fantastic soundtrack that goes along with the game. From goofy and downright corny superhero fanfare music to the emotional and spirit lifting orchestral pieces every song pushes you further into the game.

The story manages to be surprising deep at times. A diverse cast and some of the best voice acting I've heard in a while manage to push what could easily be otherwise labeled as silly. Without spoiling anything for what I assume is the vast majority of people who have never played this game, the story gets surprisingly deep and dark at times. Over the course of the game I came to know and love the characters and how they interact with each other, the crazy writing style is responsible for that. Despite that it's still no stranger to humor and it manages to put it in some very interesting locations. Failed an onscreen prompt repeatedly? You can expect the characters to react to that.


**A gif was supposed to go here. It was funny, I liked it. Blame Kinja**

I wish I could talk about this game for longer and some day I really would like to sit down and give it the time it deserves but for now just let me say this. The Wonderful 101 is a game that only ever comes along when someone really cares about making a game tight. So thank you Hideki Kamiya, thank you for taking a risk and making something truly special.


Don't ever change.

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