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From Russia With Love: 30 Years of Те́трис

Very few games (none at all?) manage to stay quite as graceful as Alexey Pajitnov puzzle masterpiece we all know and love: Tetris. It was on this day 30 years ago (June 6, 1984... I was six... let me sink that in for a while) that one of the most iconic video games in history made it's humble début in Russia's very own Soviet DVK-2 personal computer.


For me and probably many the definitive version still remains the (very shrewdly) packed in Game Boy edition. Not only did it help consolidate the Game Boy as the best portable system of it's era, it help spread the popularity of Tetris onto well over 30 million people. Just for comparison, that's is three times the population of my home country of Portugal.

It would have passed 12 years after it's initial creation before Pajitnov began collecting royalties in 1996. The history of legal rights dispute is a long and messy one, but I am glad in the end justice was served. Even after three decades, it won't be hard for anyone to find a version of Tetris to play in pretty much anything out there where you can play video games. It not only remains as fresh and fun as it did in it's original releases, it's good for your brain too!

So I raise my metaphorical glass o Alexey and his Tetrominoes. As a child of the Cold War living under the flag of the American side, I must say that Tetris was a far more positive export for the entire world than ICBMs. Here's to another 30 years of peace and Tetrominoes!

*OMAKE* A little something I put together back in 2010 when I was first learning to cover video game music.

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