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Whats up! Titanfall 2 remains one of my favorite shooters from 2016. Titanfall 2 is a great overall package including a single player campaign, competitive multiplayer, and now a new co-op horde mode. Respawn touted that all DLC for Titanfall 2 would be free after the games release, they didn’t lie but none of it has been as robust as their most recent update which included a new game mode, Frontier Defense. Frontier Defense is essentially a horde mode concluding at the end of 5 waves of enemies, you are tasked with defending a central point on the map before it can be destroyed by the enemies. You are allowed up to 3 continues before the game calls it quits on you and your other squad mates.


In a typical Titanfall 2 competitive match you would spend a mixed amount of time in your titan and on the ground fighting as infantry. Titanfall 2 has managed to make both types of combat equally engaging and interesting. You feel just as powerful on the ground as you do in your titan, Respawn did an amazing job making sure the game is well balanced. When Titanfall 2 first launched I couldn’t distinguish what I liked better, 9 months later it is still a tough call but I think I enjoy the infantry play a tad more just because the guns feel, look, and shoot so well.

Frontier Defense has given me a reason to enjoy playing as a titan now more than ever. After the first wave it would be ideal for you to spend the next 4 waves in your titan, you also can’t switch which titan you use after the first wave forcing you to stick with the same titan for the remainder of the match. This isn’t a given, if your titan is destroyed you eject from your titan and are forced to fight on the ground until you can call another one down. If you have a nuke eject equipped you could also sacrifice your titan on ejection to take out pretty much anything in your vicinity. The first wave is spent fighting on the ground against mostly ground units with a few titans mixed in which isn’t too difficult for groups to take down. The first wave is basically like a tutorial showing you where you can expect enemies to spawn and also lets you rack up some points to use at the shop. There is a shop where you can buy traps, turrets, and health for your titan among other upgrades that is open in between rounds.


Waves 2-5 are where Frontier Defense gets interesting and challenging by throwing a huge mix of infantry, flying units, mini mechs, and different types of titans. They drop down sporadically throughout the match and if your squad isn’t diligent in taking them down you will easily be overwhelmed and defeated. There are 4 difficulty levels currently for Frontier Defense, Easy, Normal, Hard*, Insane* (not sure what the two later difficulties are officially called). I’ve had no problems surviving the easy and normal difficulties, hard is an entirely different beast and I have yet to be able to finish a Frontier Defense match on hard. The difficulty ramps up significantly after normal and requires everyone to be pulling their weight. Frontier Defense also introduced a new titan progression system for each of the games titans, the harder difficulties are only unlocked after reaching a certain progression point with a titan for that titan only. The new progression system is called Aegis and unlocks specific perks for each of your titans that are only used in Frontier Defense.

First and foremost I love that Frontier Defense is fun to play. It’s a good mix of challenge and variety that showcases a lot of what makes Titanfall 2 so great, I really wish this mode would of launched with the game. It is also a great reason for me to experiment with all of the other titans. I was comfortable with one type of titan for competitive multiplayer matches, after playing more Frontier Defense (especially the harder difficulties) I’ve realized how much fun it can be playing as the other titans. I’ve also started to realize that for the harder difficulties you will need to have a good team composition if you wish to survive. Although Frontier Defense would of been great to have at launch I’d rather have it late than not at all, I applaud Respawn for continuing to support their game. Respawn just recently made a statement that this would be one of their last significant updates to Titanfall 2 as they look forward to their next project. Titanfall 2 is one of 2016's best games and I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a new game to finish up the rest of summer with.


Below I’ve got some footage from an entire Frontier Defense match, they last anywhere from 20-45 minutes, I would recommend possibly skipping around if you don’t have time for the whole thing (the 4th and 5th waves are intense). If you’re even slightly curious about Titanfall 2 this would be a great way to preview how the game plays.

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