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Fruity's Belated 2013 Anime Awards

365 days, 150 anime, 10 categories and 1 controversial opinion. It's my 2013 anime awards. Through hours of number crunching, laughing at gifs and begrudgingly finishing Infinite Stratos 2. It's been an entertaining year in anime and it's my time to give out reasonably late awards to those shows that deserve it. A year filled with new beginnings for some, and truly explosives finales for those we had to say goodbye to, and a little bit of swimming in-between. All cultivating towards those enjoyable and wonderful hours we've spent watching anime. These results derive from my crazy opinion and that one other voice in my head.

Now we must set the conditions for which an anime qualify for the 2013 year. My system is that if the anime's last episode airs in 2013 it will only qualify for that year, because that's the finished product.

Best Action – Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta


This show was simply astounding. The animation quality was excellent, transitions were smooth and the plot was fun. Yozakura delighted me with its unique characters and setting. The fight scenes were well paced without the annoying audio exposition of what just happened. A show that was easily engaging also being absolutely entertaining and the comedy is fun and quirky just like our beloved characters. It's not always about the biggest explosions or fighting to save the world. In Yozakura it's about our main character Mayor Hime Yarizakura, protecting those who she loves dearly along with the town

Runners-up : Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic - One of the best shonen I've watched for a long time, being an abundance of joy to watch. The only reason this came up short was because it lost to a random number generator.

Best Sci-Fi – Psycho-Pass


Gen Urobuchi at his best once again. Imagine a world where your mind can be scanned, analysed and categorized. This creates a fantastic setting and background which leads to thought provoking question. When the show turns it up to 11, it becomes a gripping tale which keeps you craving for more. I would be hard to find the words describe how compelling this show really is.

Best Fantasy – Kyoukai no Kanata


Kyoto Animation best show this year easily. The way they blend the fantasy elements so naturally in the modern setting was wonderfully portrayed. From the gorgeous artwork to the small details that are given attention to was amazing. The creativity of the show lends to the fun and imaginative world in which made the show that more enjoyable.

Runners up – Fate/Illya Prism : Bringing back a fun and memorable cast in a different light is always a fan favourite. This particular series brought playful twist in the magical girl genre. Sasami-San@Ganbaranai : Crazy aesthetics with a sweet take on Japanese mythology.


Best Drama – Little Busters & Little Busters Refrain


This shows boasted serious pedigree, and it definitely delivers. Now lets address the elephant in the room, that being a Key story isn't being animated by Kyoto Animation. This isn't a real issue since J.C staff did an exceptional job of adapting the visual novel into the anime. Being Key, you know you've got well written and thought out characters, amazing scenarios which pulls heartstrings and keeps you on edge.

Best Slice of Life– IT'S A 3 WAY TIE. Gingistune, Kiniro Mosaic, Non Non Biyori.


Being a big fan of slice of life doesn't really help me here BUUUT, this was so close to the point I couldn't let any of them be losers. So in the true nature of this genre, everyone was a winner. Gingistune was the Natsume Yuuchijou of 2013 and as was heart-warming as a slice of life should be. Kiniro Mosaic is 12 episodes of extreme moe which was truly adorable combined with the perfect ending. Non Non Biyori surprisingly was really down to earth on some episodes. Instead of just happy comedic episodes, we have these enormously endearing moments which warms my heart.

Runner Ups - Tamako Market: A series that always left me with a warm smile on my face. This show was built from the ground up with the idea being of funny and great quirks. Only to be helped by an extraordinary character and astonishing circumstances. This show was the embodiment of fun.


Best Comedy - Outbreak Company


Maybe I'm being lenient here, but this series knows its audience and it sure knows how to make us laugh. The parodies and references is just the start, with its comedy being fully aware of its own identity leading to a great outlet for the writers humorous thought of their own industry.

Best Romance – Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko


Looking back, it was shocking to find how little there was in category. However this over swayed me with its charm over the rest. Essential to have likeable characters in this sort of genre and by god, did they design some of the most delightful and loveable characters. The sort that makes you wants to cheer your favourite one on. These amazing characters created the foundation for the relationship to develop through the chemistry that is occurs between them.

Runner Up – Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo : I simply prefer Hentai Ouji to Waranai Neko over this, it isn't to say that the fact that this is a top quality anime. The theme of self-discovery and which each person means another other was pleasing.


Most Surprising – Girls Und Panzer


Coming into the show, I didn't know what to expect and I was blown away by how entertaining this show is. Using the tournament as a story arc, they knew they had to deliver on every stage. From the authentic military music, to the detailed depictions of real tanks and the battlefield tactics was perfectly executed. It was mind-blowing.

Best OST – Girls Und Panzer

Just listen

Best of Anime 2013 – Kyoukai no Kanata


It really was simply the best show. It had everything and could've of won every other category. It was series that exceeded all my past and present expectation. A special type of show that makes me yearned for more after each second, minute and episode. A series which was so well polished and masterfully produced, it became a fresh breath of entertainment. I have nothing but praise.

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