“...a film that will horrify, sicken, and terrify those who dare watch it.” So of course we have to watch it. This film asks the question: what if we just douse everyone’s face in acid?

So there are 7 gateways to hell around the world and this particular gateway to hell has a hotel built on the top of it. Yeah, you’re shivering in anticipation. In the 20s a lynch mob comes to kill this artist who is involved in this stuff. I don’t know it’s hard to really explain-there’s a book that explains this whole thing though I still don’t know why a gateway to hell is in Louisiana or why some Italians would choose to use that as a location in a film.

Louisiana is super creepy as True Detective showed us. So cut to early 80s Louisiana and a failed actress from New York has inherited the hotel. She sets about to really turn this place around. However everyone dies and the world ends. Also zombies.

While I thought the movie was great it was a specific cut of Fulci’s The Beyond. A lot of the Italian horror movies have this problem where they exist in multiple cuts under multiple names and as time goes on that means there are violently different cuts and qualities of these films out there. The DVD version I watched was a weird mix of elements from different cuts. It was a bit longer than the traditional 80 minutes for a 7 Doors of Death cut and also seemed to use the original music, something excised from the original 7 Doors of Death release back in the 80s. However there were still some weird cuts in the film and at least 3 minutes were cut along the way. Oh and this DVD has the widescreen version as well so none of the original VHS’s pan and scan.


All things being equal it’s a great representation of the work of one of horror films’ leaders in gore. Great effects throughout, at least for the time, could be a good lead in for a fan to decide whether or not they want to go deeper and look for the uncut releases of his older films. Atmospheric, creepy, and totally not of this world we get a great movie here for a horror fan and a great one to watch to decide if you want to go deeper down this particular path.

That said we have: Acid to the face, spiders to the face, dog to the face, bullet to the zombie face, thumb to the eye, nail to the back of your eye, more zombies, glass face, spontaneous blindness, and Hellgate: Louisiana. So basically all the deaths. Also “you’ve gazed upon hell and are now blind.” Very rad movie.


Those contacts look very painful.

Awesome tribute: