I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Fun At Zelada Station

Here are 20 odd minutes of "Elite Dangerous" single player action from the latest 120€ Oculus Rift compatible alpha version of the game. Commander Zeewolf will show you that life around Zelada station is anything but boring:

This thing looks more impressive every time I see it, it will truly bring me back to PC gaming when it's out. In other Elite news, the law will be out to keep you on your toes. Although Viper's have yet to show up on any public alpha, here it is the future of space law enforcement, straight from Frontier's developers blog: The Viper MK II.

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Ill take two, please! I can just imagine David Braben going up to the designers and saying "Make it more tactical. Let's go with black".

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