Still more fun than Little Big Planet Karting Racer. Retro tracks highlight just how bad the new batch are. But then inexplicably they pull SNES rainbow road for the retro rainbow road? C'mon. You can repeat, I seriously won't fault you. Underwater sections and gliding are stupid and add 0 to the experience. Underwater sections in particular are annoying and poorly thought out. Don't fit with themes either - why does Bowser's castle have an underwater area. Why are there lava pillars underwater? New Power Ups Lucky 7 and Tanooki are boring.

Multiplayer is fun. Game is at its core Mario Kart and so it is still a good game. Not what I was hoping for. Seriously even despite the gliding and water, the tracks just seem lazy and phoned in. I can't think of a standout among them. Neo Bowser city is kind of cool I guess?