Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and 64 GB PS Vita card reviews

Agents of Shield Episode 5: OMG SKYE LIKES THIS GUY! BATTLESHIP!

It was fine. They met their quota of "OH HO HODID YOU GUYS GET IT? NO I DID NOT. I ONLY HAVE A MASTERS DEGREE!" jokes. Then the rest was actually, formulaic, but not bad. The overarching story is appearing, Skye's MYSTERIOUS SECRET is at least out in the open as opposed to being in her bra. SHIELD - outwitted by a 13 year old's trick. Anyway, mostly no FITZSIMMONS this episode. From the trailer for next week maybe one of them dies. God, I really hope so. But the good news is: The show is getting better. Good enough that I MIGHT at this point, MIGHT recommend you watch it. Or Arrow reruns, because every time I watch Arrow I think, "Why can't SHIELD be more like this?" Although there is a guy on iO9: holodeck or whatever the speakup is called there, who I found out does amazing run down of how the shows fit in with Marvel comics and it's really quite clear that they do LOVE the source material. PS. That guy is amazing and I give him endless props. So much so that I'm actually going to link him here. Hold on!…

Product review: 64 GB PS VITA memory card.


(Surprise twist: Flickr is stupid. Marissa Mayer I wish you the best. But no direct link to the image? really? C'mon now! Oh, I see now...still....that's a lot of work.)

Onward. This package was waiting for me today. Surprise, something that seemed like a scam turned out not to be for once. Grumble mail order bride grumble. So yep. I opened it up and this was inside.


(Oh I can just use the embed code and it will work. I guess flickr isn't so bad.)

Ok, so let me back up a bit. I bought a PS Vita, as some of you may remember under the assumption that using PS+ I would end up buying relatively few games. This was a brilliant plan and one that was going quite well until I opened the Vita and realized that a 4GB card can hold Gravity Rush and Rayman Origins but not Gravity Rush and The Walking Dead Bundle. Urp. So I was all set to rush out and buy a 32 GB card only to find that they're 80 dollars. Seems reasonable. Especially since 32 Gb doesn't seem that large. I was thinking of downloading Anime to the Vita and using it as a portable entertainment center. I go to Slickdeals and look for a deal and find that Japan, on October 10th has received the 64 GB card and it is 104$ after Yen to Dollar exchange ( I ended up spending around 120$ because I wanted 2-3 day shipping).


Seems legit.

So I opened it up because at this point I'm worrying that something weird is going to happen as it's not a US based card? I don't know how these things work but I'm wondering if they can somehow region lock a SD card. The machine turns on just fine. I open the shop and look for a free game.


Is this any good?

I go to download it and get


It sits. and sits.

I go light the pumpkin


still preparing to download. I make some cookies.

FINALLY. Success. It opens. It plays. It has 64 GB. We're in business. For comparison the 32 GB card is 2.5$ per GB. The 64 is 1.625$ / GB. A much better deal (Although still pretty bad). Anyway, I give it 4/5 furby thumbs up. It's totally worth it if, like me, you're not planning on any physical media.