I'm really feeling it!

As I'm in a quest to overload myself with things to do to make up for the fact that I have nothing to do - let me present to you an idea.

Wednesday is now free from the tyranny of game night. I was thinking Wednesday at 9pm - 9:30pm I could give DOTA 2 lessons. I'm in no way Dendi but at least you'll understand Dendi references after I'm done.


Ideally there'd be ten people: From 9:00-9:30 there'd be group 1 while group 2 does a bot game. From 9:30 - 10:00 there'd be group 2 while group 1 does a bot game. Then from 10 on we could do lobby based scrimmages. This way no one is out in the wild blue yonder of grief and name calling. You can learn the basics of the game without having to deal with the admittedly not that great community.

If anyone is interested, respond in the comments section. If no one is interested, respond in the comments section anyway so I feel good about orange dots.

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