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Hey TAY long time no see, I’m on the nostalgia train full force this week. Not only am I bringing back the first article series I ever wrote for TAY, a weekly comic book review, I’m also bringing back Saturday (Errr Thursday) Morning Cartoons later this week! I’m most likely going to keep these to Tuesdays, yes yes I know that’s the day BEFORE the week’s comics are coming out. I’m doing this to give me plenty of time to read them, choose one, and write about it. Also, there’s the added bonus of less chances for spoilers! This week I’m looking at Daredevil issue #4, with the Netflix series premiering last week I figure, it’s a timely thing to look at the comic that spawned it.

Daredevil has just finished up one of my favorite runs of all time with Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, and with the aftermath of Secret Wars shaking up the Marvel U, I wondered if it could keep itself at the height of it’s predecessor.


The set up for the story so far is thus (SPOILER WARNING FOR THE PREVIOUS VOLUME OF DAREDEVIL, WHICH IS AWESOME, GO READ IT) Ok, back with me? Before Secret Wars, Matt Murdock had been outed as Daredevil and was living openly as a super hero, post Secret Wars the genie is back in the bottle and the only person who knows his identity is Foggy, who is none too happy with his once best friend. They don’t explain how this has happened, but apparently DD had to do something rather shady to piss off Foggy the way he did in the time skip. Matt’s back to being a lawyer, things are slightly different now though, he’s a prosecutor with a much more “proactive” approach to law. This time his office is in the lowest of the low places to be, the bottom of an elevator shaft. He’s got a new sidekick in the form of the invisible Blindspot, a new villain who goes by the name Tenfingers...and he’s back to the darker more noir vibe that is sure to feel more familiar to fans of the show than the far lighter previous volume.

That brings us to issue #4. This is the first crossover with the wider Marvel universe and it brings in the older and depowered Steve Rogers, I’m not sure that it really moved the story further much, besides a reveal everyone saw a mile away with Blindspot. Rather, the addition of the former Cap is a thematic boon to the series bringing back the Catholic guilt of sorts, without actually bringing in the religion, it feels like the series it moving back towards its roots while still feeling fresh and different. I’m loving the art style and I will probably continue to follow the series as it moves along. I’m one for binging though so I most likely will wait for the trades :3 Oh that brings me to the issue of scores and formatting, I’m not gonna do that. The way I’m going to handle things are like this, I’m going to give my opinion in a clear manner in the closing paragraph and if you agree with me maybe, you’d like to check the book out for yourself, or not!


Daredevil delivers in a positive way this week, with an issue that doesn’t move the plot forward much, but is thematically rich and gives us a nice crossover with the once and future Captain America.

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