I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Okay, ladies and gentlemen of the game club, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! After a great couple days of voting we finally have a winner. Drum-roll please...

The winner is...

Illustration for article titled Game Club: Platform Poll Results

PC won with 24 votes, out of a total of 53 votes! Something important to note though, PS3 came in a suuuuuper close second with 23 votes. 3DS had 5 votes, and the Wii with 1 vote (aww).

That being said, I'm very sorry if the platform you voted on is not the winner (I will try and make it up to you), but there will be future Game Clubs (possibly even multiple sessions if this one goes well). Also, when posting PC game suggestions I will give extra-special consideration to games that are cross-platform with the PS3! Even more super, special, bonus points if it works for Mac as well! The more the merrier, right?

Okay! So, here is what happens now...

Post PC game selections below.

Games should have a strong single-player element. Additionally, the campaign should be something that is long enough to have multiple discussions on, but not so long that this will never end. For example, 8-14 hours is a reasonable length, but 40-100 hours is too much.

As I mentioned above, let's try and find something cross-platform so we ensure a great turnout. If the votes come down to picking a PC exclusive then the people have spoken, but let's try to include as many people as possible!

If possible, try to think of games that everyone could obtain and that won't cost a pretty penny. Indie games, games that are constantly on sale, and somewhat older games are good examples. Remember, the key here is to get as many people involved as possible.

Posting of game suggestions will be open until Monday morning (8/19). After I have cataloged all of the suggestions another poll will be posted and voting will be allowed for several days. If you have already suggested titles in the other posts, no need to re-post as I have already collected them. By the end of next week a game will be chosen and I will give you your first assignment.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Post them below as well and I will address everything as best I can. Have ideas for how things can be organized? I'm open and all ears. I just want to run an awesome Game Club!


Alright good people, start posting! Oh, and if I hadn't said so already...

...welcome to the Club,


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