I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Game Dev Chronicles - Introduction

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I'm a developer. I've been all around web development, software, web apps, mobile. Its fun, but nothing makes my heart beat faster like game development. It has been my dream since I was around 4. So I have decided to embark on this glorious quest, to start making games and be happy.


Right now I'm making a shoot em up on Unity, first I did a 2D tutorial and after that I started replacing every game model with my own pixel art look (I'm also learning that).

This is how it currently looks:

Illustration for article titled Game Dev Chronicles - Introduction

I'm a beginner, so nothing too fancy, but right now the movement system works, enemy spawning works, collision works, and the enemies got 3 animations, one for getting hit, the moving forward, and one for dying (btw I hate the eye enemies, I will change them all when the AI logic is done)

Thats not a moon btw, its an enemy explosion Robotech Macross style.

So how is this Game Dev Chronicles going to be about? A simple article layout about my progress and what I can accomplish from week to week basis. Probably will also link resources I find for if the community is interested in learning also.


It is important to know that this shoot em up its a simple self teaching game I'm making, not an actual retail game. So I think like "I wonder how I can make an enemy move in zig zag?" and start coding that and investigating how to make it happen.

Right now I can assure you something...Game Development...is Hard...with software and webapps, its a very linear approach, even for complex apps like stock market apps (I worked on those for some years).


The indie scene is huge right now, and getting more and more competitive, so I hope you all enjoy this quest I have accepted, we are in for a wild ride.

Trying to Accomplish Checklist

I'm setting milestones from beginner to advanced to track how good I'm getting.


[x] Learning Animations - Make an Enemy Animation

[x] hit Animation

[ ] Spawn enemies by map

[ ] Making Enemy Mobs

[ ] bug fixing, correct screen movement, enemies shooting 2 bullets


[ ] Bullet hell System

[ ] scores

[ ] Slow motion mechanic

[ ] GUI

[ ] Difficulty settings

[ ] Special Weapons & shield

[ ] boss

[ ] mid boss?


[ ] Procedural Generation?

[ ] Several ships

[ ] vast backgrounds and foregrounds

What am I using to learn?

Unity Learn

I'm also trying to document my progress in 10 seconds videos at GiveIt100

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