I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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This is a space dedicated to my journey on Game Development using Unity, at least for now, I could be using Game Maker in the future or something else. I'm making a shmups by setting milestones from beginner to advanced so that I may learn how unity works and how to code gaming behavior. Making games has always been my dream, and its never late to start. So, I hope you enjoy this journey and learn some neat stuff about game development.


Priorities, J. G. Quintel, creator of the Regular Show, told lifehacker that he had to quit videogames, or at least play them less in order to accomplish his show, I suppose that is a no brainer when it comes to accomplishing something, only exception is being a game tester or video game journalist, which I'm not, so less gaming and more coding is something I'm struggling with right now, but I'm getting there...


Milestone - Create another type of enemy

Last week I thought of a good way to learn about moving enemy units. I know how to move them towards the player by using a Rigidbody 2D velocity. Then I wanted to make it more complex and give an enemy a zig zag movement, which for now, I failed at, so instead i went for something more simpler, a mine field that blows up taking into account the collision of the player with the enemy.


This is the results:

Right now, for this second type of enemy its a very simple script that makes the collision happen.


Pretty simple, This OnTriggerEnter2D event gets fired because the mines have a CircullarCollider2D. The nice part about this event is that it already brings the object that collided with the mines in this case, making it pretty easy to access a script I called PlayerHealth.cs which has a method that applies damage.


So I know its not a huge update, Diablo 3 has been disrupting my productivity :)

Very Nice Resources

Learn more about Collision

A good bundle for starting a video game dev journey

A list of basic tips you should know if you want to develop in Unity

Trying to Accomplish Checklist

I'm setting milestones from beginner to advanced to track how good I'm getting.


[x] Learning Animations - Make an Enemy Animation

[x] hit Animation

[ ] Spawn enemies by map

[ ] Making Enemy Mobs

[ ] bug fixing, correct screen movement, enemies shooting 2 bullets


[ ] Bullet hell System

[ ] scores

[ ] Slow motion mechanic

[ ] GUI

[ ] Difficulty settings

[ ] Special Weapons & shield

[ ] boss

[ ] mid boss?


[ ] Procedural Generation?

[ ] Several ships

[ ] vast backgrounds and foregrounds

I'm also trying to document my progress in 10 seconds videos at GiveIt100

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