Sony has announced that the Playstation Portable is being discontinued in Japan (only for now at least). Both sales and unit production will come to an halt in their current numbers.

Seems like e3 2003 was a long time ago (well in fact over a decade)when Sony announced they would enter the hand-held market with a console that was very unlike anything Nintendo was offering. I was not very impressed at first, I was well warned of by the whole Game Boy vs Lynx vs Game Gear wars: "Superior hardware does not a better system make". It's all about games, all about software. It took me many years but I did warm up to the PSP and sped a couple of year in bliss by having a Playstation One and a half (more or less) power in my pocket where I played many of my favourite games like the Ace Combat series, the Wipeout games, God of War, etc and even amassed a nice collection very cheaply in relatively short time. I was even more astonished when I unlocked it's full home-brew potential. I still play it often, mostly emulators.

As all great consoles, it's time is coming to an end. I have yet to warm up to it's successor, the Vita. Maybe one day... but for now, fire up those comments below and give me your favourite PSP memories.

Oh, my favourite PSP video game you ask? An exclusive that might not come immediately to mind: