I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Game Night - DOTA 2 and Turkey Day

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This is the "I totally didn't forget to do this at home" edition of the Game Night Sign-up Post. We're playing DOTA2 at 9pm EST so ... download it.


The rules are: Something something something, don't be a butt.

Oh! And make sure you hop in Steam Group Chat for the MulTAYplayer group.

I'm looking at you, Novi and TUT.

We don't have a poll this week. Thanksgiving is next Thursday, so since everyone will be wandering around and otherwise busy, we're just going to have a Pokemon hullabaloo. So next Wednesday, just hop on, battle each other, and send out craptons of O-Powers or whatever it is you all do.


I may or may not be there tonight. It depends on how well some of my projects are going. This week and next week are basically so heavily graded for me that everything before this point really doesn't matter.

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