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Game Night - Finalizing Plans

The votes are in! It turns out that a lot of you want to see Game Night become a thing. That's really encouraging, and thanks so much to those of you that voted, I really appreciate you giving feedback on this and helping shape this into something that will hopefully end up being fantastic.

I'm going to try to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to this. If there were enough people voting for a certain option, I gave it special consideration. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel left out, so I'm going to mix some of the results here to make sure as many people as possible can be included.


So when it came to platforms, I was unsure as to what we would play on, but as of right now it looks like we'll be doing the majority of our Game Nights on the PC and on the Playstation 3. Don't worry, 360 users, you still got a chunk of votes, so occasionally we'll hold Game Nights on there. I'm not an active Live subscriber, so someone else will more than likely need to organize these meetings on my behalf, but we can hit that road when it comes down to it.

On top of that, a chunk voted for multiple times a week, and looking at the "good days", Monday and Wednesday appeared to be the best choices, with Wednesday holding the most number of votes and the rest being tied at the time of this writing. So I'm going to mash a whole bunch of ideas and suggestions from everyone together.

Here's what we're going to do. It's going to be a once a week meeting on Wednesday with occasional meetings on Monday (maybe bi-monthly or once a month). We'll switch off between PC and PS3 every week, and I'll try my hardest to keep an eye out for possible games that should be cheap (ones going on sale) and let you know ahead of time. That extra Monday meeting will either be a meeting on the 360 or a repeat of the game the previous Wednesday.

For these first few weeks, just to reduce stress on myself and let myself go on a mad power trip, this is going to be a bit of a dictatorship, so I'll just pick popular games at random. When I feel comfortable implementing it, I'll let everyone vote on a few games that I saw were on sale for what we could be playing.


So what do you, as an interested party in Game Night, need to do?

  • Don't skim past what I wrote above because you saw an outline at the bottom. I will hunt you down.
  • Let me know what times are okay for you on Monday (vote here) and Wednesday (vote here).
  • Sign up for our newest Steam Community at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/multayp… (Thanks to BattleBorn for the suggestion).
  • Make a new icon for said Steam Community. I'm terrible with that stuff.
  • Keep an eye out this weekend for what game we'll be playing next Wednesday. I'll try my hardest to decide on a game and post something in a few days. We're starting off next week by playing PS3, since I'm buying time for the Steam sale.
  • Keep an eye out for me forgetting to post this weekend on what game we'll be playing next Wednesday.
  • Add people on the TAY Friend Database.
  • Leave any questions, suggestions, comments about that amusing shop I found up top, or reminders of things that I may have skipped in the discussion below or just send me a message on my conTAYct page if it's really embarrassing.

Thanks everyone! We, of course, are not going to be meeting this week, but we will be meeting for sure next Wednesday on the PS3. I'll let you know the game of choice as soon as I decide. Once again, make sure you're familiar with the TAYlendar and know about the TAY Friend Database.


Super special note: If you're an Admin here at TAY and would like to be bumped up to Officer on the Steam Community page, let me know on my conTAYct page.

See you all at the Graveyard Shift tonight!

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