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It's time for some mulTAYplayer updates, everyone. First, I'd like to say that Game Night is looking pretty good! It's been going strong for over two months now. Not to mention the Steam Group is growing to massive proportions - we even hit the 100 member mark a few weeks back! Attendance is decent for those of us participating in the North and South American times, and I think Europe usually shows up for the PC stuff.

Since it's been going on long enough and is stabilizing a bit, I think it's safe to make a few changes that I need to make. Some of you might have noticed that I had to take a break to focus on life matters and only just came back early last week. While I was gone on that break, I thought about some of the things I needed to change both on TAY itself, but more so with Game Night. Basically, adjustments I needed to make to keep up with responsibilities I had elsewhere and for things I think will make the system a lot better.


I'll go ahead and say right now that if the changes don't work out I have absolutely no problem changing back. However, I'm pretty sure that these alterations should work out for everyone. If you'd like to talk to me about any of the changes, or even suggest a few more, feel free to do so below or talk to me on my conTAYct page.

So, let's get started with these changes:

Reduction of Game Nights and Postings

First things first, I'm not going to do as many of either. Mainly, this is because I can't keep up with them and I'm running out of people that I can talk to about watching over them for me. Also, I feel as if I'm putting a lot of clutter on the front page by having two a week plus the occasional voting thread - it sometimes gets up to four or five articles.


Instead, it's going to be once a week on Wednesday to go with the original voting results. Mondays may still make an appearance (Mix-it-up Mondays? I don't know), but they won't be a bi-weekly appearance anymore.


To cut down on the number of articles, the Reminder and Sign Up will also have voting for the next week attached, if there is any. The Monday before that night, I'll post a blip saying what the game is. That should reduce clutter significantly.

Adjusted Schedule

To go with the loss of Mondays, we're going to need to shift things around a little bit.


This week, we're going to skip the 3DS night, since that was always on a Monday, but still do PC on Wednesday. Past this week, we'll just try to keep them alternating, but I'll bump up a system if I feel like it's more in demand.

This seems like a good of a place as any to say that I know of such a time that's coming up in a few weeks. On Wednesday, October 2nd, we're going to be playing GTA: Online on the PS3, since the online component is set to come out on the 1st. Keep an eye out for that.


Requirements for Participating

Alright, this is more about the PC Game Night than anything, but it's important to cover anyways.


Every time I make a sign-up, I put instructions towards the bottom of the sign-up article with instructions on how to sign up. Usually they're just "what time" and "gamer tag", but sometimes they're a little bit different, especially on the PC. It is incredibly important that you follow these instructions, since it helps me or whoever else might be hosting with giving out invites.

Again, this is especially true on the PC. Remember how I mentioned that the Steam group broke 100? When it does that, I basically lose all ability to invite people from the Group tab on the Friends List. As a result, not only does it make it easier to invite people from the Steam chat, it becomes all but a necessity. So please join the Steam chat if you're expecting an invite.


Things to Expect for the Future

There are a few things I would like to look at eventually, but simply cannot put the energy towards them just yet. None of these are confirmed. Rather, they're just ideas that I've talked to a few people about and have gotten generally positive support towards.


1) Weekend Options - I've already been offered help for doing weekend play sessions. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will start shortly, so keep an eye out for that.

2) Better Game Selection for Europeans - One thing I've noticed is that our Euro times seem to be lacking unless TF2 or cheap/free PC games, in general, are involved. I may do voting specifically for Europe on what they'd be interested in playing platform-wise.


There's also the possibility for Holiday events. I'm a little hesitant to do that since every country has different holidays, and it would be difficult keeping track for them all. It'll probably come up on the more prominent holidays and be just like the Monday sessions I mentioned earlier. It won't be a common thing.

And with that, that's the end of everything I remembered to share. If something comes up, expect it in one of the reminders or maybe in the blip tomorrow. Thanks for sticking around to read all of this, everyone! Let me know if you have any questions.


Obligatory sign-off links:

P.S. - No, the irony of discussing "Future Sessions" and using a picture from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare did not escape me.

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